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I’ve written a book. It’s published. Now to market we go!

It’s the new electronic age. Social media is what is used for publicity and marketing, along with the hopes that a YouTube video will go viral. I wish I was the Boomer answer to Jenna Marbles and the Hyperbole and a Half blog. I never would have discovered these fabulously famous media forms had I not been the mother of a teenager. It’s amazing what you can learn about our culture from younger generations – especially youth subcultures.

I find myself becoming envious of these folks. For example, Jenna Marbles (Mourey), according to Wikipedia:

Mourey’s video “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good-Looking” had over 5.3 million views in its first week. Her video “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To” was featured in an August article in The New York Times and ABC News, in which she was quoted as saying, “I’m sick and tired of guys thinking that just because I showed up at a club or a dance or a bar, that I want to have their genitalia touching my backside.” The video had approximately 31 million views as of June 19, 2013. She uploads a new video to her YouTube channel every Wednesday.

Mourney has over nine million subscribers and (as of April 12, 2013) over one billion total video views on YouTube.

So Jenna is known for entertaining, comedy and vlogging. Although blogging and vlogging rhyme with flogging, Jenna is laughing all the way to the bank.

Where does that leave me? Fighting the green eyed monster of jealousy. Why can’t I be so clever?

We live in a new age. Who knew that someday going viral would be a good thing?

Then I realize, even if I was so clever, that boomers and older folks don’t seem to make things become exponentially popular as quickly as the younger crowd.  Though I’m doing my best to not be infected with the jealousy gene in my quest for virility (pun intended) I find myself plotting ways to achieve fame, then fortune through monetizing. Why couldn’t I have written the words to “The Mom Song” by Anita Renfroe? Now there’s a boomer that had a viral YouTube video. It quickly obtained millions of hits, and Anita enjoyed appearances on Good Morning America as a result of it. According to Wikipedia, she is at work on a sitcom. Ironically, she didn’t even post the video – her sons did, then it took off.

I am not in the same galaxy as any of the aforementioned media successes.

Will I have made it big when Amanda Bynes tweets that I’m ugly?

I know – be content with who you are. I have a nice life, great friends, and an enjoyable job. Then- THE MARKETING OF THE BOOK rears its’ publicity seeking head with the electronic duties I am to perform for its promotion. Heck – why did I write it if not to spread the content to bring joy to others? It brought comfort to me when experiencing trials – so then once again I become energized to spread smiles than to pay debts and grow my bank account.

With that stated, here is my shameless promotion:

Here is the link for “Laughing in the Rain – Self Care for the Storms of Life” which is now in print and Kindle on Amazon. The next book signing is scheduled for July 31st at 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Dorothy Paige Museum on Main Street in Wasilla. I will also be presenting parts of my show “Party of One With Friends” so come one come all for a great time, and bring 100 of your closest friends!

Then have these friends post on their Facebook walls that they love the book they just purchased, and may they write glowing reviews on Amazon, make it a best seller…oops – I just noticed that my eye and skin color have turned green!

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