Conflicted Karaoke

It’s that time of year again. Time when Country Legends holds their annual Karaoke Contest. It’s held in various locations in the Matsu Valley for the final showdown at the Alaska State Fair. I am undecided if I should enter this year, due to my experience in two karaoke contests last year.

I always loved to sing, and even performed in two VPA musicals in the past few years. I have great fun performing in other venues around town also. I have even sung the National Anthem several times for the Anchorage Bucs games last summer. Wanting to develop vocal skills, I had vocal training for a year from the Late Great Big Mitch, then continued the lessons with one of his students who also became a vocal coach before he passed.

Last year I told my vocal coach that I wanted to sing as much as possible, to get more experience. So she suggested that I enter two karaoke contests – one was sponsored by KBear in Anchorage, the other was held here in the Matsu Valley;karaoke_poster3698591 the Country Legends Karaoke contest for the Alaska State Fair.

I looked forward to these contests, until I realized that I was to compete with mostly younger folks – aged ten years old and up. When Matt Valley of KBear joked that I was the oldest in that contest, I suddenly realized that I was. Was I going to be the senior comic relief?

At times I was, especially when I forgot the words to a song I had memorized! Did I tell you that when folks get older their memory goes? Did I tell you that when folks get older their memory goes?

I felt that I was 106 years old while everyone there must have been in their twenties or younger. What the heck was I doing there? What the heck was I doing in the Country Legends contest as well?

I know. It’s called denial. I think that I am much younger than I am until I look in a mirror.

I am aware that I am not the only person who suffers from this malady. I know many boomers and seniors who feel much younger than their chronological ages. Okay, maybe “temperature adventures” and knee issues remind us now and then, but still, I believe that when folks of fifty and older sing in karaoke contests they imagine themselves to be fifteen years old singing in their bedrooms with hairbrush microphones.

Did I mention that the hairbrush microphones work great in kitchens and living rooms also?

It’s amazing how well we think we sing when we’re alone. I forgot about living audiences made up of humans. As a ventriloquist, I can imagine my puppets totally enjoying my performance. However, that is a very creepy thought, and borders on a Twilight Zone movie.

So when I am not having disturbing fantasies of inanimate objects and my kitchen floor thinking I sing well, I will occasionally attempt to sing in public. Karaoke contests are a great venue for experience. Or plummeting self-esteem. Especially when listening to the amazing YOUNG talent that we have here in the Valley and Anchorage.

I had a fantasy that I would be the next Susan Boyle, the Scottish lady that wowed the world at 46 years old in Britain’s Got Talent several years ago.

Then I realized that I was not 46, and did not have her accent, or her voice.

I discovered that I had my own voice. We all have our own voice.

So I’ve decided that I will use my age to my advantage. The older I get, the more fabulous I’ll be compared to people 98 years old and older.



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