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Fish on!

I finally get it. The excitement. The comraderie. The addiction. Fishing! The day finally arrived. I was ready for the drive to the Deshka River with friends Nan and her husband Cam to meet Ben and Amber Allen at 5:00am. Ben and Amber are the proud owners of Millers Riverboat Service. We had been planning this excursion for quite some time. Eagerly anticipating […]

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Unconventional – Talking to the Hand


I’ve just come back from my favorite convention of all time. Not that the clown convention that I attended several years ago in Denver wasn’t delightful, it was. However, there’s something magical about the Vent Haven Convention in Hebron, Kentucky at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott. Every year ventriloquists from all over the world gather for […]

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My Real Success Journal…Yours Too?


OK, I was ambitious in my last post, in sharing Ali Brown‘s article on creating a Success Journal. I always aim to deliver value to my readers. I realize, on this Monday, that I must also deliver honesty. Therefore, I will share with you my really, really honest Success Journal for today: I successfully did not fall […]

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A Stress Buster Action = Increase to Self Esteem


Everyone reacts to stress differently. Some react in healthy ways, utilizing exercise, playing music, perhaps watching a movie for a quick mental vacation, or spending time with friends. Others react to stresses in destructive ways – substance abuse, overeating, and the like. As I was reading articles on business blogging, I came across a great […]

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Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog! I finally joined the Alaska Writer’s Guild last night and enjoyed a wonderful presentation on using social media for promoting your business and book. Hence – this blog! It is my desire to put a smile on your face, dear reader, with my posts. With that said, here is a stress […]

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Social Media and Regression to Childhood


Using social media brings back fond and not-so-fond childhood jargon and memories. “Be my friend!” “Like me!” “Follow me!” “Tag me!” “I don’t like you anymore – I’ve just unfriended you!” Adults now sound like children on a playground. What happened to social interaction in person? Will keyboards become permanently attached to our appendages? Will […]

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