Are you experiencing Parenting Stress?


There was one particular heinous form of parenting stress when my children were toddlers as they shared hats and hairbrushes with their friends and attended before and after school care:


Now, pinkeye I could deal with. You just take little Suzie to the doctor, put in the eye ointment carefully 3 or more times per day, and wash your hands thoroughly in anti-septic solution continuously for 12 hours. No problem.


But lice! Let me regurgitate my lunch now – how gross can you get! These are little beings in your child’s hair. Ugh…even menopausal hot flashes are more fun.

Have you ever received a phone call or letter from your child’s daycare center like this one?


Dear Soon to be Very Upset Mother;


We regret to inform you that there is a lice epidemic at our fabulous childcare center, “Clean Hair for Johnny”, as one child has been reported to have been sent home with those darn little varmints crawling around his scalp.


Please be advised to purchase dangerous chemicals to pour on your child’s head which could render them blind and sterile for the rest of their lives. Please purchase these dangerous disinfectants RIGHT AWAY or your child will never, ever be allowed to set foot in our daycare facility again, or just take a shortcut and shave his or her head so they appear to have been in chemo for the past month.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please do not forget to bring cookies to this year’s Winter Holiday Pageant,



The Management


Aside from getting the lice out of their hair with the brand “Rid Those Suckers” from my local pharmacy and everything else I read about on the internet, I knew that I needed help for my own personal parenting stress systems. If only the book Laughing in the Rain – Self Care for the Storms of Life was available back then! It would have made that period of my life a little easier. If you need a lift for something you are going through, get a copy now! Who knows – it might turn your current trial into a memorable treasure!

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