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laughing babyHumor for the Health of It!

Welcome to Laughter is Health – Humor for the Health of It! We offer products and services to make your life happier and healthier. Our mission is to give you the tools to alleviate stress, improve your health, and put a smile on your face. Our desire is to create a community of people who desire healthy and happy lives by looking on the brighter side.

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Laughter is a therapeutic tool. I’m not joking!

I have facilitated  Recycle Your Stress into Laughter workshops in the form of a half hour of fun, laughter and healthy de-stressing.

Consisting of therapeutic laughter techniques with deep breathing exercises, attendees  leave refreshed and revitalized.

While living in Colorado, Hillary Saffran (that’s me) was trained as a certified laughter leader through the World Laughter Tour founded by psychologist Steve Wilson.

This systematic, therapeutic and credible method is now used by hundreds of professional organizations and healthcare communities. Those using these techniques for their own workshops are nurses, psychologists, counselors, activity therapists, health educators, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and volunteers.

The roots of these methods can be traced to ancient practices, biblical prescriptions, and modern science. Laughter therapy reflects Steve Wilson’s 45+ year career in psychology and a philosophy of happiness through living with a positive sense of urgency, summed up as; “Don’t Postpone Joy”.

So don’t postpone your own joy!

Healthy attitudes and healthy living is definitely a laughing matter!    

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I’m Not Aging –  I’m Fermenting!   

Diet has the word “Die” in it!                    


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