Laughter Is Health

laughing babyHumor for the Health of It!

Welcome to Laughter is Health – Humor for the Health of It! We offer products and services to make your life happier and healthier. Our mission is to give you the tools to alleviate stress, improve your health, and put a smile on your face. Our desire is to create a community of people who desire healthy and happy lives by looking on the brighter side.

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Newest gift item for all your Boomer friends:  Boomer Haiku and more random silliness



New Products added – booklets of the “Jest Joking” series:

The Wit and Wisdom bookThe Wit and Wisdom of All My Ex’s – (and Yours, Too!) 

I’m Not Aging –  I’m Fermenting!   

Diet has the word “Die” in it!                    


Diet coverFermenting Pic





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